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What are the symptoms of pneumonia? · coughing up mucus that may become yellow or green · a high temperature – you might also sweat and shiver · difficulty. Bluish fingernails and lips · Chills · Confusion (most common in older adults) · Coughing · Decreased appetite · Extreme fatigue · Fever up to degrees · Pain when. Chest pain is usually the major indicator, particularly if you experience labored breathing or a persistent cough. Sharp pains can result from inflammation of.

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A child is more likely to get pneumonia if he or she has: In addition, children younger than 1 year old are at risk if they are around secondhand tobacco. Chest x-ray: An x-ray exam will allow your doctor to see your lungs, heart and blood vessels to help determine if you have pneumonia. When interpreting the. How to Know if You Have Pneumonia · Cough often accompanied by mucus · Fever and chills (higher fevers typically with bacterial pneumonia) · Shortness of breath.

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When pneumonia is caused by bacteria, a person tends to become sick quickly, develop a high fever, and have difficulty breathing. When it's caused by a virus. Symptoms of pneumonia · a cough – which may be dry, or produce thick yellow, green, brown or blood-stained mucus (phlegm) · difficulty breathing – your breathing. How do I know if I have pneumonia? · Coughing · Fever · Trouble breathing · Chest pains · Loss of appetite · Diarrhea · Nausea · Vomiting.