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Go to your local AutoZone. They have a wide variety of car scratch remover paint pens. Tell them the year and make of your vehicle and they will be able to. If you were to bring your car into an auto repairer to fix the job, you'd be charged a lot of money to have it repaired, but WD Multi-Use Product is also. 10 Best Car Deep Scratch Removers · 1. SEGMINISMART.

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Bring your car's paintwork back to life with the best scratch removers · How we tested them · Meguiar's Ultimate Compound review · Autoglym Scratch Removal. Great for hand-compounding applications, the 3M brand is the best scratch remover for cars with every-day drivers. It is a product that works best on. 11 Best Car Scratch Removers To Buy · 1. Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover · 2. Shine Armor Car Scratch Remover · 3. Songven Car Scratch Repair.

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If your car has light scratches, swirls or other marks – you can easily fix it with the Scratch & Swirl Remover Kit! · Once it is ready for swirls and scratches. Best Car Scratch Remover Meguiar's G Ultimate Compound - oz. Meguiar's G Ultimate Compound - oz. Car Scratch & Swirl Remover - Rubbing. 10 Best Car Deep Scratch Removers · 1. SEGMINISMART.